Covid-19 Regulations


“We cannot simply return back immediately to where we were before lockdown.”

Metropolitan Archbishops




1) The maximum number of people allowed into any Mass inside the church at The Parish of the Holy Family -Thanet is to be 30.


2. Once this number has been reached a steward will direct people to the hall which has been set up to take 15 people. It has  sound to follow Mass and we hope to stream video of the Mass there soon.


3) Social distancing will be set at 2 metres, although for people from the same household this will not apply to them. However, if this is not possible a 1m distancing will be used but there must be 1m in all directions between each person/household. All members of the congregation must wear a suitable face covering.


4) To comply with the NHS’s track and trace policy all people or households must give to the stewards their name/s and details of how they can be contacted (telephone number or email address), to which the stewards will add the date and the time of the Mass. This information will be kept for 21 days.


5) People must use the hand sanitiser in the porch before entering the church.


6) People must wear face masks during Mass.


7) There will be no access to toilets, either in the church or in the hall.


8) No one must sit on a roped-off pew; these have been roped off to protect social distancing.


9) The decisions of the parish priest and stewards regarding attendance at Mass are to be respected at all times.


10) If a person attending Mass refuses to co-operate then:


i) They should be asked to do so politely, reassuring them that this is in line with Government advice and an act in service of the common good for the potential benefit of all present. 


ii) If they do not wish to do so they should be invited to leave.


iii) If any individual becomes aggressive and/or refuses to co-operate with any of the hygiene or social distancing requirements, this should be reported to the police.

If you can assist as a Steward please email the office: – mark your email “STEWARD”. Please note that anyone classed as clinically vulnerable, self-isolating or shielding or under the age of 16 will not be permitted to act as a steward.                                                                Kindly include a phone number that you would permit us to contact you